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Bachelor of Medicine in Acupuncture (Zhejiang) 

Member of Acupuncture New Zealand

Vivian completed her acupuncture training at one of the top Chinese Medicine universities – Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, with a bachelor’s degree in Medicine, majoring in Acupuncture & Tuina. She worked at Qeqiu Orthopaedic and Traumatology Hospital (a regional hospital providing all services for the local community ) for four years and gained various experiences and deepened her knowledge and skills for practising acupuncture. She then moved to New Zealand in  2013 by following her husband and started to work in private practice providing acupuncture treatments for both ACC-funded and private patients. She has a special interest in managing acute and chronic muscular-skeletal problems, women’s health and cosmetic therapy. She has also attended extensive workshops and seminars to further advanced her knowledge and skills.

 Vivian enjoys Yoga, hiking, and spending time with her two lovely children in her spare time. 

Vivian speaks both English and Mandarin. 



Vivian Zheng

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